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It maps people journeys, lets you know how engaged people are as they journey with you, helps research their needs and goals, and helps you acquire and retain valuable talent and customers.

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valuvox is built by a team of analytics professionals who founded and managed inTouch analytics, a niche predictive analytics services company, from 2004 to 2015. The product distills all of the experience that the team amassed over this period of time. And then some more.

During our eleven year, predictive analytics, journey we served clients with business interests varying from consumer [retail - food and beverages / lifestyle and jewelry / eyewear / oil and gas, restaurant, consumer goods, ecommerce, home equipment, health and fitness], talent [staffing and recruitment, talent assessment, education and skilling services] and industrial [satellite operations, space components, construction glass].

With valuvox we carried over the passion to invent business solutions, and cross-pollinate analytical insights across industries, on to a product paradigm. Importantly, we decided to look at all of this experience with new eyes - how, in an increasingly interconnected world, data and technology empower people to transform themselves and their organizations. So, we put people front and centre in this product we built, and designed it for the delivery of 'People Value'.

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